The Lagom Experience

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Stepping straight into college or a career as a young adult is not always the best decision. You may need the time and space to reflect on who you are and what life you want to build for yourself before you make the significant investment of time and money on education, or commit to a career field you aren’t certain is right for you. Or, you may have a clear direction but lack the freedom and support to pursue your path independently. In either instance, Lagom Landing could be the perfect next step for you.

Living Together

Lagom Landing is a residential program where students co-create their community and curriculum. Together, staff and students strive to create a culture of mutual-support that fuels personal growth. Students come to Lagom Landing as strangers but often leave as close friends.  Hear more about how students enjoy our property and the process of building these relationships in the video below!

Part of living together is also living in balance with our natural surroundings. The Lagom lifestyle includes connection to the world through both outdoor activities and community involvement. We are fortunate to live in a beautiful part of New York (the Finger Lakes,) and are committed to ensuring that young people can continue to enjoy and defend these resources. We thank our many friends and partners that help to achieve this mission!

Working Together

Lagom Landing Gap Year Students and Staff Do It Best, working together to hang dry wall.Lagom Landing aims to prepare young adults for independence, and to do this we teach students to embrace work. As a trades-training program, our primary area of instruction is in residential construction. On the job, students gain experience in framing, drywalling, siding, flooring and tile, electrical, and plumbing. In the shop, they get creative during a furniture building unit and various self-directed projects.             

Learn the joy of working with your hands!

“The Lagom Landing crew replaced our siding, and we still get lots of compliments about how great our house looks. We’d happily hire them again. They did a great job!”

–Gregg Hartvigsen & Meredith Drake, Homeowners

In addition to preparing for work on the construction site, students prepare for life by working on our permaculture property and in our kitchen. Here we learn sustainability skills through landscaping, gardening, and tending livestock. Students prepare meals, preserve our surplus, and discover the economic, nutritional, and psychological benefits of being involved with their food. We keep busy through every season as we plant, harvest, preserve, and EAT the fruit of our work in the forms of fresh vegetables, apple cider, maple syrup, kombucha, and more.

Growing Together

Lagom Landing Gap Year Students in from of waterfall at Stony Brook State Park New YorkLagom Landing provides a holistic educational opportunity that supports individualized development of mind, body, and spirit. Staff and students are committed to supporting one another’s growth. As a community we hold each other accountable, push each other to try new things and to do our best, and forgive each other’s failures while learning from our own.

Over 9 months, all of our students grow to become  leaders in their own lives.

This includes developing many skills, from communication to personal finance. With the freedom to pursue self-selected goals, and to self-design an independent internship, students embrace the challenge of building their lives.

Lagom Landing Gap Year Staff and Students facing away from the camera, looking over Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains.See life from a new angle on our extended field trips!

Our program includes reflective retreats in places such as the Adirondack Mountains, and Kentucky’s Red River Gorge. Students expand their horizons and their ideas about the world and their place in it. In the spirit of Lagom, these trips often balance work with play, as we try to give back and have fun wherever we go.

We welcome visitors of all ages to our property to share in our appreciation of life’s bounty. This includes hosting various workshops, and our “Speaking with Bread” potlucks which features one of our mentors sharing about the work they do and how it gives them life. You’re invited to join us for one of these events!

Lagom Landing students engage in personal reflection throughout the program. We take a look at the experiences that have shaped who we are, how they impact our mindsets, and reflect on how each of us can fulfill our potential. We also take time to examine our culture and how it has influenced our lives, while questioning what our role can be in co-creating a society that aligns with our values. Tools for this reflective side of the program include everything from Ted Talks we watch, to fiction and non-fiction literature that we discuss together in a weekly book-club, and attending various community events.

Learn more about how living, working, and growing together benefits our students through the following testimonies!

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“Perhaps the hardest concept for me to grasp over the duration of the program [was] that work is something to enter into, to truly engage in, and not something to dread or to avoid. “How can I do more?” is something I ask myself now…unlearning “how can I do less and still pass?”, a souvenir I picked up from high school.”

“I started this year looking to climb a “mountain,” and I got tired. I started climbing over “molehills” and I learned to walk. I started walking, and I found that the hills weren’t so big anymore. I look at myself now, and I see someone standing on their feet. I look behind me, and I see a mountain.”


“I learned how to drywall, I have furthered my education on framing and building complex decks, and so much more… I even learned how to cook amazing, healthy meals from scratch!… I really learned how much more I can push myself!”


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