Frequently Asked Questions

What does “lagom” mean? Where does your name come from?
Seed money for this project came from a farm settled by Swedish immigrants, so we chose a uniquely Swedish adjective for our name.

Lagom (LAH-gome) describes the Swedish outlook on a life of “good-enough,” or “just the right amount.”

It is a state of living that appreciates moderation and equality. We strive to live lives of generosity and hope, trusting that God gives us just the right amount for what we need. We hope that the students here will “land” into an understanding that we have all that we need.

What is a Gap Year?
A gap year (also called a “Bridge” or a “Transition” year) is a period of time when students take a break from formal education to travel, volunteer, study, intern, or work. Many high school students face significant peer, parental, and school pressure to go directly to college. However, some students simply are not ready for college. We believe the choice of a gap year can be the most valuable decision of a young adult’s life. Not only can it save families from investing a small fortune in unfocused years of college, it can literally save lives from destructive addictions, unwanted pregnancies, enormous debt, and the frustration that young people can feel when they don’t feel like they have anything to contribute to the world. Many students apply to college or university while at Lagom Landing, and spend their time here gaining focus for that next step.

Is this program only for men?
We believe that the gifts offered from working with your hands are empowering for every person. More and more women are entering the skilled trades every day.

Is this program only for Christians?
Although directors Rock and Laurel are Christian, many mentors and board members are not affiliated with any particular faith. We see spirituality as a central piece of identity formation in young people, and have no requirements for students other than a willingness to learn from and participate at times in other traditions.

How much does the program cost?
Tuition (which includes all housing, meals, activities, and instruction) for the program (which runs from September to June) is $900/month for a total of $8,100, with scholarships available.* This is considerably less than the average tuition at a Community College, and we include room/board!

*This price does not reflect the actual expense of running our program, which runs roughly $1,000 per student per month. In order to keep our program low cost and accessible through scholarships, we are grateful for tax-deductible donations.