Parent’s Perspective

A “third option” for parents and students . . .

Many parents are challenged during their student’s final years of high school, and this challenge can last for several years after graduation.  It can be confusing to know how to parent when your child is legally an adult, but not yet ready to strike out on his or her own. Students who might struggle academically or those who do not show motivation toward any particular line of work may not fit into the traditional college track that others are on.  At the same time, staying at home and working an entry level job doesn’t generally foster independence or the motivation to move forward with their lives.

A year at Lagom Landing is a third option for parents or professionals looking for a place to develop potential in their young adult between the ages of 18 and 25. Lagom Landing provides a unique opportunity for emerging adults to build a foundation for the rest of their lives. We encourage students to discover their passions and gifts while teaching them skills that will benefit them no matter what direction they go. Carpentry, gardening, cooking, forestry, and other hands-on trades are the “tools” our students use to free up their minds and gain focus for their next step in life.

After time spent at Lagom Landing students are able to cook their own meals and take care of their day-to-day needs such as laundry, shopping, and cleaning.  They have learned carpentry and construction skills, improved their communication and public speaking skills, earned and managed their own money, and have explored various career fields while reflecting on their own gifts and abilities.  They have learned the importance of daily routines and structure. From work with mentors and peers, they have grown into their strengths and gained direction into what lines of work they would be best suited for.

Some of our program graduates leave Lagom Landing and apply to college, much more centered on a vocational focus. Others go into the workforce with job experience to put on an application, a developed work ethic, and practice in timeliness, communication, and teamwork. Some combine work with getting their first apartment and transitioning out of their family’s home into their own independent life.

We encourage you to watch our video interviews with parents of current and former students.  Perhaps you can relate to their struggles, and might reach out to Lagom Landing for some hope!  We look forward to talking with you.