Hear what others are saying about Lagom Landing’s students and their growth during their time with us…

“During last Fall/Winter I had an injury that kept me from working with the animals for a short period of time.  During that time Chris worked with Caleb, my farm assistant, and filled in for the tasks that required two people. As a student of Lagom Landing, a residential program that works with young adults during the transition year after high school, Chris did an internship at our farm during the Spring of 2015.  During that time he assisted in a variety of jobs including clearing pastures, driving a tractor with a front end loader, moving brush and assisting during shearing.  Chris is a hard working young man with an outstanding work ethic and a great sense of humor that I will miss once he graduates from Lagom Landing.  I enjoyed his company and wish him the best as he continues on in his life.  Chris would be an asset to any employer and I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a hard working individual.” — Robert S. Thompson, Hemlock Hills Alpaca Farm, Hemlock, NY

“As a pastor, I meet lots of young men, and when I first met Derek last year, he seemed pretty typical. He sat toward the back of the church and kept to himself. He’d speak politely to you if you spoke to him, but mostly avoided attention and interaction. As the wide-ranging experiences of Lagom Landing began to unfold, Derek really came into his own. He started opening up and sharing more: at first with me and a few others, and now sometimes with the entire church.  He’ll make announcements, sell you maple syrup, ask how things are going in your life, and tell stories about the things he’s doing and the places he’s gone. Derek’s confidence has strengthened and his focus has sharpened as the months have flown by. He has made himself such an important part of our congregation, and we already miss him and his cohorts!  Derek has determined the man he’s going to be. He has become confident without being cocky. He’s a rock-solid guy with a bright future ahead of him.” — Rev. Corey S. Keyes, Pastor, West Bloomfield United Church of Christ

“I can say with assurance that Andy was the best assistant coach we have ever been able to work with here in the Bay Area primarily because of his commitment and dedication to soccer and coaching as well as his extensive knowledge of the sport, that allowed him to create teaching moments throughout each practice.  He worked very well as a co-coach with both of the middle school teams he was a part of and served as a tremendous role model.  We’re crossing our fingers that he can make it back to the Bay Area in a more permanent position, as quality, dedicated coaches can be hard to come by.” — Shannon Burns, Director of Community Partnerships America SCORES Bay Area, CA