Tuition Information

How much is tuition?
Tuition for the September 2017 through June 3, 2018 program is $750/month for a total of $6,750. We have an active Scholarship fund, please don’t let finances get in the way of applying..we will work with you, irregardless of the situation! This is less than the average cost of a 2 year/Community College which the US Department of Education cites is $10,837/year (and doesn’t include room and board (ours does!)

This cost does not cover the actual expense of a student which runs roughly $1,000 per student per month. In order to keep tuition more affordable, many private donors have given generously.

Is my tuition tax-deductible?
Tuition is not tax-deductible according to IRS standards. You are receiving goods and services for your money, therefore we cannot issue a tax-deductible receipt to you or your family.

Do I need to pay the whole amount before I begin Lagom Landing?
No, you can pay monthly. Only your security deposit of $250 will be necessary to secure your place in the program. This is due with your final paperwork.

Can I use 529 Educational Savings account to pay for Lagom Landing tuition?
You may use these funds, but you will have to take out a 10% service charge.

If we cannot pay tuition, what are our options?
We have generous financial aid for those who need it. Please don’t let financial concerns keep you from applying and benefitting from Lagom Landing’s program. Many of our students benefit from some sort of financial assistance. We are grateful to our generous donors who make this possible.