A Day in the Life of Lagom Landing

Our day begins with optional exercise—take a walk (or ski!) in the woods, a bike ride, a run. We live in a beautiful place. It’s normal to see only 2-3 cars on an hour-long bike ride through the hills surrounding Lagom Landing.

We eat breakfast on our own in one of two apartments (take a tour).

At 9 am, we gather for “Morning Watch”, a time of reflection which we take turns leading. Morning Watch typically has a time of silence, but we find all sorts of creative ways of leading. Yoga, a walk in the woods, skiing, drawing, breathing exercises, meditation, prayer, watching TED Talks and listening to music on YouTube are all a part of Morning Watch reflections. We find this sets a tone for our day.

From 10-noon, then from 1-5 or so, we work on construction (Monday, Weds. Friday) and cooking or landscaping (Tuesday/Thursday) projects. Lunch breaks are either on the job (packed) or in our apartments.

Depending on the time of year, we also might spend Tuesdays and Thursdays on a field trip,volunteering, or hearing a good speaker in Rochester (1 hr. drive) or Buffalo (1.5 hr. drive).

Students alternate days cooking dinner. We generally eat around 6:30pm. Over dinner, we ask the question, “What brought me life today? What took away life?” As we answer these questions throughout the year, we gain clarity about our direction and what kind of activities help us to thrive.

Those who don’t cook help clean up, and then we are free to do what we want. We’ll often watch a movie in our basement, projected large on a wall. If someone has a car, students may choose to drive into a local town such as Dansville or Geneseo on a free evening.

Once a week, different mentors come and speak to us after we eat dinner together. Our mentors range from artists to masons, horticulturists to song-writers, activists to farmers. We call this night “Speaking with Bread”, and we open our doors to the public once a month for a larger gathering. We enjoy having all kinds of people from our community come and join us. You’re invited as well!

Weekends are generally free to explore our interests, rest, work (some of us have weekend jobs), and spend time with family and friends. Occasionally we make a presentation, host an event, or go on a field trip on weekends.