Past Students

Jesse Butler from Florida. Although Jesse left the program early. He did study for and receive his GED while at Lagom Landing which allowed him to pursue his dream of getting into the army. He’s now serving in Louisiana. Shawn Murphy moved into his own apartment, found a full time job at Gray Metal in Avon, and is keeping a car on the road. 
Derek new student at Lagom Landing 2014-2015 Derek Burnaford from Suffield, CT is a sports fanatic who is interested in working as a team manager some day.  He’s also interested in connecting with older adults and loves to work with animals. Since returning home Derek has worked at Target and been involved in some home repair jobs. Gray Teremi has returned to Cincinnati, OH and spent the summer working at the Cincinnati Reds Baseball Stadium.  While at Lagom Landing, he received his Certified Nursing Assistant credentials and is applying for a CNA job in Cincinnati.
Isaiah Durkee has returned home to Hemlock, NY with a desire to work independently and be involved at the Hemlock Community Center. He continues his hobbies of woodworking and bike riding.
Andy Graves - StudentHenok (know at Lagom Landing as Andy Graves): While at Lagom Landing, Henok set up an internship in Oakland, CA pursuing his dual passions of working with children and playing soccer. He lived with a cousin, while coaching and refereeing soccer and providing a positive role model to urban youth with an organization called America SCORES. Henok has moved to California and works full time as a plant manager.

Luiz Kemmerle - StudentLuiz Kemmerle has returned to Louisville, KY.  Luiz has held full time work since completing the program at Lagom Landing, and has also moved into his own apartment. He continues to be involved at Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church. While at Lagom Landing, Luiz served as an intern at the Dansville Community Center working with at-risk and local youth.

Liam photo 2014_15Liam Kohler from Manlius, NY is interested in one day starting his own business.  He values family and friends, sports (Go, Syracuse!) and enjoys being out in nature. He works full time at a hospital in Syracuse
Josh MurhpyJoshua Murphy graduated from SUNY Geneseo in 2016.  While at Lagom Landing, Joshua created an internship at the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO), as well as a mentorship with SUNY Geneseo art professor Dan DeZarn in alternative building techniques.  Joshua participated in the LEAP Now program before coming to Lagom Landing. Joshua continues to facilitate workshops with Lagom Landing students, and serves on the Lagom Landing Board. Additionally, he has launched his own nonprofit DISCOVER to empower local teens to identify and utilize learning opportunities embedded in Western New York and on the internet


Jadzia Peck: While at Lagom Landing, Jadzia interned for Rev. Michelle Sumption at the York United Presbyterian Church. Jadzia is living independently and enrolled full-time at Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, MI. She also is working part time.

Karl Rice - StudentKarl Rice, has returned to Angola, NY and is working as a carpenter’s assistant. While at Lagom Landing, Karl explored his interest in small business management and martial arts by interning at a martial arts center and a game playing center. To hear more about the positive changes that Karl’s parents saw in him due to the program at Lagom Landing, check out the video on our Parent’s Perspective page. Sadrac Cumatz SacSadrac Cumatz Sac is a native of Guatemala.  While at Lagom Landing, Sadrac worked a lot on his painting and drawing, and also designed a beautiful chair that Lagom Landing donated for auction to benefit Livingston Arts and Livingston ARC. Sadrac went on to work on a dairy farm and is now working construction in New York City. 
Kai StataKai Stata contributed a great deal to our first year of operation. Although he did not remain for a full year at Lagom Landing, we learned a great deal from Kai’s artistic and creative endeavors.  He is now a student at Monroe Community College.

DCIM100SPORTChris Wilson has returned to  Brooklyn, NY and is working full-time at Best Buy. He is helping out his mom with family responsibilities especially with the raising of three younger relatives. Recently Chris got his drivers license, an accomplishment he had started while here in Western, NY. He continues to enjoy fishing, hunting, and the outdoors whenever he visits Upstate.

img_1100TJ has moved into his own apartment and is working full time. He continues to pursue his art and manage life and all its expenses, including a working car on the road!