Sites We’ve Worked

Lagom Landing partners with nonprofits and regional home owners to provide “learning laboratories” for carpentry, gardening, and landscaping skills. We have built shelves for the food bank at Catholic Charities in Livingston County, built a warming hut using recycled materials for the CLEAN center in Conesus, constructed a shed for Livingston County Habitat for Humanity, built decks, sided homes, remodeled basements, and even put on small additions.


“We were very blessed to have the 3 students from Lagom landing spend time working on our farm earlier this year. They were a blessing in both the work they did and the fellowship we enjoyed with them. It was nice to host the three young men who were so willing to learn and experience the daily tasks of planting & preparing for the summer’s growing season. It was especially rewarding to see their confidence growing, day-by-day and the skills they learned will go with them throughout their lives.”— Debbie & Keith Tucker, Olde Silo Farm, Conesus, NY

“Richard “Rock” Castor and his energetic Lagom Landing crew built our house at 4550 Caledonia Road in Leicester. Not only did they do a fantastic job, but the Lagom Landing gap-year program provides the young people a great opportunity to develop their professional and social skills. I would gladly hire Rock and his crew again and am happy to recommend them to others.” 
— Peter Markulis, Ph.D., School of Business, SUNY-Geneseo

“When we had new ditching and tile put in next to our farm home to drain the rain water off, we had to take down the concrete stairway we had previously.  Lagom Landing’s Rock and Laural and their young people were recommended to us by the work done at Sugarbush Hollow for Chuck Winship.  When I inquired, Laurel asked Rock to come and look at the project and the ideas we had about a new set of stairs to make the area safer for our guests and crew during the Christmas season.  Rock told us what seemed feasible and less costly, and recommended a set of stairs shorter and wider than what we envisioned, with a banister.  At first, the building of the stairs was suggested to be done here, but as plans were made by Rock and the young people. they put together a much stronger set of stairs and bannister out of treated lumber than what we imagined and trucked it here.  The project required removal of several wheelbarrows of dirt and concrete and stones so as to place everything level.  The crew from Lagom Landing was able to get this project done before the Christmas season and many visitors have commented on the sturdiness and ease of use provided by the stairs.  These stairs were built to last, and we are thankful that the young people learned a good lesson in carpentry while working on this project with Rock Castor.  All year we have been given compliments for these stairs from other people coming to our home.  So besides the safety provided, the look and feel of the stairs adds value to our home and farm.  So if you are looking for someone to do a carpentry project like this one, I say “Do It!  Ask Lagom Landing people to give you their ideas and follow through.  You will not be disappointed.”
–Katherine Humphery, All Western Christmas Tree Farm, Dansville, NY

“Rock and the Lagom Landing crew replaced our siding last summer, and we still get lots of compliments about how great our house looks. We’d happily hire them again. They did a great job!”
–Gregg Hartvigsen & Meredith Drake

Partner with Lagom Landing:

If you work with an area nonprofit or are a homeowner with a project in mind, please feel free to contact us to talk about the possibility of partnering with us.