Who We Are

Lagom House

Stepping straight into college from high school may not be right for you. You may need the time and space to reflect on who you are before you make the significant investment of time and money on education or a career field you aren’t certain is right for you.

Lagom Landing is a nonprofit residential program providing 18-25 year olds a unique opportunity to build a foundation for the rest of their lives. We encourage students to discover their passions and gifts while teaching them skills that will benefit them no matter what direction they go. Carpentry, gardening, cooking, forestry, and other hands-on trades are the “tools” our students use to free up their minds and gain focus for their next step in life. Students spend time in nature while also living and working closely with mentors who inspire and motivate them to “land” into discovering who they are, not just what they will do.

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